Adjustable and Convenient at Your Finger Tips

A bathroom mirror is just a bathroom mirror, right? You may think so until you compare your present bathroom mirror with the stylish, halo-lighted wall mirror by Kimball & Young. Kimball & Young is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality bathroom mirrors.

Their products are made from high-quality, distortion-free glass and are intended to provide you with years of worry-free service. If you are looking to take your bathroom decor to the next level, these contemporary bathroom mirrors add a restrained elegance to any bathroom, making an ordinary bathroom seem like a sophisticated hotel experience.

Have you ever looked into your mirror and saw a distorted imprecise representation of yourself? With the Kimball & Young Single Sided LED Square Wall Mirror, you can see the real you in a sleek new mirror that will add resale value to your house and special appeal to your private bathroom enclave.

And rest assured you are not alone as these luxury electric wall mount mirrors have been used in some of the world’s finest hotels and resorts.

Did we mention that these mirrors are lighted, so you can see clearly with its 3x distortion free magnification, easily allowing you to see details without getting too close to the mirror. Seeing all the details is a bonus when you’re putting on makeup, shaving, waxing or performing any other form of personal care that requires your close scrutiny.

Halo Lighted and Distortion Free

When you are looking for a distinctive mirror, you can add an extra touch of brightness and world class design to your bathroom with these beautiful lighted wall mirrors.

The Kimball & Young Single Sided LED Square Wall Mirror has hidden hardware and the cover plate is trendy. Attractive and sleek European styling, this mirrors will complement your home and bathroom to impress friends and family alike.

These LED lighted mirrors by Kimball & Young are long-lasting and energy efficient (uses only 2 watts!) and will provide numerous hours of cost effective light in your bathroom. And just so you know, each LED lasts up to about 50K hours and generates no heat so you can stay in front of it for as long as you need.

We should mention that the Kimball & Young Single Sided LED Square Wall Mirror is a hardwired (AKA direct wire) mirror and is designed to be wired to a wall switch or a timer. It has a durable metal finish and is virtually maintenance free.

The other great thing about the Kimball & Young Single Sided LED Square Wall Mirror is the extension arm can be moved so you can easily adjust the mirror to any convenient position to get your personal care tasks done quite effectively.

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