Thank you for visiting Shower Smart Faucet – Your ultimate DIY home improvement destination for ideas on bath renovations. The problems encountered in decorating can sometime be daunting. But you don’t have to be an expert decorator to remodel your bath. In any case there are always problems to overcome with lavatory repair. Check out our site to learn the secrets of professional washroom renovators with detailed step by step instructions in core techniques that can be used by homeowners of all skill levels. We have the insider tactics and techniques to help you fix up that ugly restroom!

There is nothing that beats the satisfaction of transforming a drab room into a fresh, inviting space. If you are a first time home renovator, you should create a checklist to ensure a smooth transition from task to task and keep your development costs down. Fixtures such as faucets, pedestal sinks and medicine cabinets can be replaced quite easily when redecorating your small bathing area. However, if you are planning to put in a new bathtub, upgrade your shower, or re-tile your floor or walls then more planning and design preparation will be needed. If you don’t want to do the work yourself, finding a reputable home improvement contractor is very important.

Your bath alterations will be less expensive if you do the majority of the rebuilding yourself, but be sensible. If you don’t need to reposition the plumbing pipes or the ventilation air ducts, then you can probably do the work yourself. But if most of the work incorporates plumbing then you may want to hire a professional plumber, so be prepared to add this expense to your residential transformation budget.

Creating a theme for your bathing space will bring your design elements together. You can even hire a qualified decorator to help you find creative insights you may not have thought of by yourself or you can look at interior design pictures in magazines or online for inspiration. Your bathing area has evolved from being just a place to wash and perform bodily functions to being a more personalize bathing space. A popular trend in washrooms is to transform your master bath into a home spa that incorporates design functionality with therapeutic rejuvenation. Another direction in lavatory construction is the incorporation of green eco-friendly building materials. Designing your bath can be done by anyone as long as you remember to apply the six principles of good washroom design.

The biggest challenge we have seen for almost every bath renovation project is finding the best fixtures. Be it faucets or shower heads or shower panel or bathtubs, its never easier to pick the good quality and priced product. We at Shower Smart Faucet put together expert reviews and ultimate buying guides for all type of bathroom fixtures.

Looking for a add a spa experience to your bathroom ? read our best rain shower head guide. Our ultimate guide on best led shower heads covers you all incase you looking to add colorful charm to your bathing experience.

The pleasure of knowing that your own work has created this change is one shared by all decorators. Upgrading your bathroom can be fun and exciting and if done properly updating your habitat will be a good home investment for years to come. Come on in and lets get started with that bath renovation project you have been putting off for far tool long! You are sure to find solutions to fit your individual problem, interior schemes or budget.

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